Roof Replacement

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Every Home Needs a Sturdy Roof

Plan your roof replacement in Birmingham, AL

Is your roof warranty expired? Maybe you're sick of dealing with damage to a worn-down roof. The team at JTC Roofing and Restoration performs roof replacement in Birmingham, Alabama. You can choose from materials like shingles, metal, tile and cedar shake. We even provide multiple shingle types, including Timberline, designer and ultra HD shingles.

A new roof can update the beauty of your space while protecting it from weather damage. Explore the shingle roof replacement options from JTC Roofing and Restoration in Birmingham, Alabama today.

Don't ignore roof damage

Do you need a roof replacement? It's important to know the signs of roof damage so that you can stop problems before they get worse. You should look out for:

  • Water damage in your attic or on your ceilings
  • Missing, cracked or damaged shingles
  • Mold or moss growth
  • Damaged flashing around vents, eaves, chimneys and skylights
  • Sagging roof sections or gutters
  • An increase in heating or cooling bills

Find out if you need a metal or shingle roof replacement service now by calling 205-407-4100.