Tips for Homeowners to Avoid Further Damage After a Storm

The HBLB offers these important tips for homeowners to avoid further damage after storm is over:

Ask to see the card. All licensed home builders have a wallet card, proving that they are currently licensed. The wallet card is credit card sized, not to be confused with large state and local business licenses.

Ask for, and check, references. Once you have taken care of your first priority, protecting your home from further damage, you will have time to obtain and check references before work begins.

Make sure quotes and contacts are in writing. It is required by law!

Ask for proof of insurance. Make sure you have proof og workers compensation and general liability insurance, not just a verbal assurance.

Don't get in a hurry! If your home is severely damaged, take your time to make careful, informed decisions. Taking a little time now will save you lots of time in the future.

Contact your local county or municipal officials regarding local residential construction ordinances, and make sure your builder knows them.

Contact the Alabama Home Builder Licensure Board at 334-242-2230 or visit our website: to find out if a builder is licensed or for more information.